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Early Bird Registration Is HERE!

November 18, 2018 12:33 AM

by Orange County APA

Early Bird Registration Is HERE!

November 18, 2018 12:33 AM

by Orange County APA

Early Bird Registration Is Here!

Registration has begun for the 2019 Spring Session and we have one question for you... Is your team coming back next session?

Let us know by completing the team registration form and EMAILING it to

Team registration forms will be attached to all online scoresheets over the next few weeks AND you can also find the hard copy of the registration form by clicking HERE.

All you have to do is complete the form, email it to by the due date and your team will receive 2 additional bonus points in 8-Ball and 10 additional bonus points in 9-Ball. These points will be awarded to teams and count towards division standings THIS SESSION (2018 Fall Session).

There are sections to check on the form even if your team is not sure whether you will be returning next session or not returning next session. The League Office just likes to get a count on where we stand and which host locations may be available for new teams next session. 

If you are not sure or not returning, make sure to tell us why so that we can help you out if you need players, we can find your players who still want to play next session a new team or we can figure out a way to make our customer service better in the future and make your league experience more enjoyable when you do return.

Emails must be received NO LATER THAN Wednesday November 28, 2018 for ALL 8-BALL, 9-BALL AND DOUBLE JEOPARDY DIVISIONS in order for your team to earn the additional bonus points.

If your team has already completed a registration form online, thank you, but your team must submit a hard copy via email to the League Office in order to earn the additional points.

The 2019 Spring Session begins the week of January 6th! 

Mark your calendars...The 2019 Spring Session Start Of Session Meeting is Saturday January 5, 2019 - Location TBD. The 2019 Spring Start Of Session Tournament will immediately follow the meeting.

We've opened up the Start Of Session Tournament to ALL PLAYERS IN ATTENDANCE FOR THE START OF SESSION MEETING - not just Captains and Co-Captains! You will need to register for the tournament prior to the start of the meeting in order to participate.