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APA of Austin Scotch Doubles 9 Ball

Time: Sat (2/23) @ 9:00 am
Description: Scotch Doubles! No it's not a drinking game, well it doesn't have to be, it's Pool silly! Alternate shot with you and a pal, playing as one. No judging here, you can be a Jack N' Jack or Jill N' Jill team. However you put it together your team can enter with a max combined skill level, at the time of entry, of 13! Don't let those numbers scare you off, the bracket will be seeded by combined skill levels meaning your starting place on the board will be against teams of the same or similar skill level. Be prepared for this one! Being 9 Ball your ability to sync brain waves with your partner will be most valuable. Only one shot to be made and one ball to set your teammie up on! 100% cash payback and plaques to boot! We Created This Event So Higher Ranked 9 Ball Players Have An Opportunity Enjoy a Doubles Event So, Enjoy Danggit!
League: APA of Austin
Slick Willies Family Pool Hall
8440 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78757
Event Organizer
James Garrett
(512) 579-0926
Email James Garrett